Health Benefits

Help balance blood sugar for diabetes Lower blood sugar within minutes* Lower HbA1c within 1-3 months Lessen risks of cardiovascular diseases Mitigate Parkinson’s disease symptoms Enhance male and female sex drive Repair nerve damages after strokes, brain and spinal injuries Boost athletic performance Heighten mental alertness Reduce fatty liver disease Promote fat metabolism Eliminate Heavy […]

Width 195mm Depth 255mm Front Height 271mm Back Height 338mm Cup holder opening 110mm with radius of 55mm Serving nozzle height 114mm – 150mm Voltage 110-277VAC Lenght of electrical wire 2m Max load 250W


With extremely high power concentration using our HTETechnology, the amount of Hydrogen that get pulled into the final water is very high. Letus SuperWater Hydrogen level is almost double the Hydrogen level of Hydrogen water pouches on the market, beating them on the only property they are proud of.


With high power concentration of HTETech, the water that passes through the very narrow-channel chamber splits into Hydrogen protons that were pulled with great electrical force to one side of the chamber through our proprietary membrane to form hydrogen rich water.At the sametime this membrane blocks the passage of Oxygen molecules. This makes the Letus […]


Using the patent pending HTETech, Letus SuperWater machine can create very high level of alkaline water without the help of electrolyte solution. To obtain alkaline water at such high level as Letus SuperWater, other machines on the market use electrolyte solution, namely salt. Doing this would allow the final water to achieve high level of […]


Letus SuperWater runs through a very narrow-channel chamber that has power concentration between 60 to 100 times that of any other machine on the market. This creates a supercharge condition of the Letus SuperWater which enables a much faster and higher absorption rate. This is a unique feature of Letus SuperWater that no machine on […]

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